the booking project
the booking project
talent booking
talent booking

Twenty one years of working with and booking talent means we've created a streamlined and seamless process.


Get in touch with us by phone or email and provide us with your brief and budget


We brand match and submit suggestions based on the brief


You sign off our suggestions


We book the best names for you!

How it works

Over 75 successful brand partnerships and counting.


Why do we need to use celebrities/Influencers?

There is no question that a celebrity can bring instant attention to your marketing campaign and brand.Celebrities have the loudest voice for your message and they can take your brand into a new category or market and increase your brand’s awareness

Is The Booking Project able to assist at ‘ideas stage’ before activation is officially signed off by a client?

Many people ask this question. The simple answer is yes.We are aware that many ideas are quite simply just ideas.We understand that many are not signed off. We are happyto assist for no fee. All we ask is that it is made very clear ifsomething is at ideas stage. We also ask for a guarantee thatour services will be used when and if the idea is signed off.

Why can’t we book/brand match the talent ourselves?

This choice is totally yours. We are specialists in thisarea and we get the job done in the most efficient way.We spot any potential issues and problems beforethey begin. Our experience is invaluable and will savetime and money. ‘Matching’ is not as simple as it mayseem due to the ever-increasing landscape of whatthe definition of celebrity is. The term ‘Celebrity’ nowencompasses reality TV stars, chefs, models, sports menand women, digital influencers, experts and many more

What will it cost us?

We do not add a ‘fee’ on to what your budget is so by ustaking on the job will not come at any extra cost to you!

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